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Group Therapy

In life, there are times when we feel alone in our struggles. This can happen at any time and at any age. Through our therapy groups, individuals have the opportunity to meet with other people experiencing similar difficulties, which can be freeing and offer relief to feelings of isolation.  Throughout the year we offer groups for all ages, covering a range of topics and areas for support.

For more information on current or upcoming groups please use the contact page to send us a message or call the office at 980-299-6558.


We offer three types of groups: therapeutic support, psychoeducational, and parenting groups. 

Therapeutic Support: These groups are offered for all ages. The theme of ours groups differ based on the needs of our clients. We cover areas such as bullying, life transitions, parenthood, trauma and abuse, dealing with illness or disability, and many other issues that affect people's day to day life. 

Psychoeducational: These groups are focused on information and skill building. Subjects might include social skills, esteem building, bereavement, information for family members of those who have been abused, and other areas in which individuals might benefit from gaining new knowledge and skills.

Parenting: Our parenting group is called Child Parent Relationship Training (CPRT), and it combines aspects of both psychoeducational and support groups. 

About CPRT:  The relationship between caregivers and their children is the most important part of a child's development, but in today's hectic world it is easy for interactions to become routine and superficial. With CPRT, play therapists teach caregivers how to use play as a relationship-building tool to deepen and strengthen the relationship they have with their children.  CPRT utilizes didactic instruction, demonstrations of play sessions, and supervision to help caregivers learn new skills and appreciate the joys of raising children. CPRT is a unique and effective form of therapy for the parent-child relationship and is the perfect compliment to play therapy. 

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